Support, mistakes and uncertainty

A story, about an independent girl. Her journey about finding the love of her life, leading her to make a terrible decision. The decision which will cost her, her life!

The after effect of the death proves to be mystical.  The brother feels, he is the reason, why she is no more.

The story will unfold, how the sibling will find redemption and what really happen…… 

  • Expected release date: March 2019


Sneak peak

Chapter 1: The meeting.

Phone ringing, it’s a call from Khushboo. Mohan answers the call

Khushboo: “where are you, are we meeting at Cafe John at 1 ?”

Mohan: “yes” and hangs up the phone.

Mohan gets ready to meet Khushboo, asks his mom to make him coffee. Mohan leaves without drinking coffee or taking any breakfast. He reaches Cafe John, before Khushboo. Orders a cup of coffee and starts enjoying his coffee, meanwhile Khushboo arrives. Mohan asks her to meet
him after his shift tonight. He tips the waiter with 500 bucks, and leaves while Khushboo is still on the table.

 His shift starts, he is serving the customers in the night club meanwhile his phone rings, it’s Khushboo calling him at back entry of the nightclub. He reaches there and sees a girl waiting, he taps on her shoulder and says, “my shift is not yet over, why are you so early ?”

The girl turns around and looks at Mohan
with a strange look,  its not Khushboo.
She Smiles and says 
“you must know the girl before tapping her” and leaves.

Mohan: “what’s your name?”

Girl: no answer

Mohan: “what are you doing here?”

Jiya: (with a smile, says nothing, and leaves.)

 Meanwhile Khushboo is nearby and searching for Mohan and finally finds him. 

Khushboo: “where were you I was waiting for you?”

Mohan: (looks a little distracted) “meet me at my place in an hour.”

 In an hour (at Mohan’s flat. It’s a separate flat. Mohan uses it for fun activities), Mohan and Khushboo are smoking cigarettes and drinking wine.

Khushboo: “have you brought it?”

Mohan: “you always bring it, why are you asking me?”

Khushboo (with a smile) shows a joint to Mohan, and asks him to smoke with her. Mohan denies and say I don’t smoke grass and I was talking about condoms.

Khushboo: “The boy should carry a pack of
condoms and here I usually bring it, this is not good, this is the last time I
have got it for you.”

 Meanwhile Mohan is still distracted due to the incident with jiya. Mohan didn’t like the way Jiya treated him. In this distraction, Mohan replies to Khushboo, “I am not in a mood please leave”.

Khushboo feels embarrassed and leaves right away.


Next morning, Maya (friend of Khushboo) calls Mohan.

Maya: “what’s wrong with you? Why Khusboo is so sad? “

Mohan: “if you want to know, meet me this weekend.”

Maya: “alright, but you must have really
good explanation this time.”

Mohan: “keep yourself free Saturday evening”

Maya: “okay, cyea”

 Mohan haves his breakfast and leaves to hangout with (his friends) Javed and Tarun. While Mohan with his friends are playing pool, Jaya (Mohan’s Mother) calls Mohan.

 Jaya: ”Your father needs an eye check-up, can you take him to a doctor tomorrow”

Mohan: “Yes Mom, tomorrow morning.”

Jaya: “I will wake you up at 10 tomorrow, you father has taken appointment at 11.30 already. Try to come home early today.”

Mohan: “Alright mom”

Next morning (Friday), Mohan wakes up on time and takes his father to the eye-clinic. They reaches there before 11.30. Mohan seems to be uncomfortable, as there are few people already waiting for their turn. It’s 12.30 and Mohan and his father are still waiting. Finally at 12:45, they gets the chance to meet the doctor. Mohan enters the cabin with his father and starts yelling.

 Mohan: “Don’t you guys have any professionalism?, don’t you value time. You all only want money, isn’t it?”

Doctor: “Please wait outside, Only patients
are allowed in the cabin.”

Mohan: “I asked something !”

Doctor: (just looks at Mohan)

Mohan’s Dad :”it’s free eye checkup clinic”

Mohan recalls, that the opthamologist is
the same girl from that day.

Mohan: (with a smile), but what about the
appointment time.

Girl: “There is no appointment system here,
it’s first come, first serve”

Girl: Starts the checkup

meanwhile, Mohan picks up visiting card
from the Girl’s desk in front of him and writes “Can we make this up?” Followed
by his contact number.

After the checkup Mohan & His father

 On the same night, Mohan receives message from the Girl

Girl: “yes, and this is Jiya.”

 Next day morning (Saturday), Mohal calls Jiya and ask her to meet him near the beach at a cafe at 5 in the evening.

Jiya: “I will try.”

 Mohan arrives at the Cafe before 5 and waits for Jiya. He waits for about 1 hour, and  thinks, Jiya wont come. He decides to call Maya. Maya fortunately is nearby, she arrives at the Cafe within 15 minutes. Mohan starts giving explanation that why there was a conflict between Kushboo and him.

 Mohan: “I never was in love with Kushboo, she used to annoy me and finally that day I broke. In fact I love you

 Maya: (In a shock) “Are you out of your mind, I want you guys to be back together and you are hitting on me. Yes I had some feeling for you, but they are long gone.”

 Mohan: “I think god wants us to be together, not Kushboo and me. I will not give any explanation, I want to be with you.”

Mohan takes her hand in his hand and kisses it. By this time, Jiya finally reaches to the cafe, and sees Mohan kissing Maya.

 Jiya: “I think there might be some misunderstanding with the time, i’ll go.”

 Jiya leaves

Maya: “Who was she?”

Mohan: “No one”

Maya: “Do you think, I am a fool?”

Mohan: “She is no one”

Maya: “You are such a scum bag, dont play your pity games with me. And don’t you
dare contact me or Khushboo” 

Mohan: “Fuck off” 

Maya: “You are such a bastard”

And slaps Mohan, Mohan slaps her back. Maya feels embarrassed and leaves the cafe crying. Mohan calls the waiter while everyone else in the cafe staring at him

 Mohan to waiter: “(With arrogance) Get me the bill dude”

 Mohan gives 500 bucks to waiter without checking the bill and leaves.

 After a week, while Jiya is with the patients,  Mohan goes inside the cabin

and gives her a greeting card with a message, “I can explain” and leaves.

 Jiya (After some time), sends a SMS to Mohan, and a conversation starts on phone via SMS

 Jiya: “why you should give me an explanation?”

 Mohan: “Because, I don’t want our friendship to start with a misunderstanding”

 Jiya: “I don’t want any explanation, I don’t even care. And you are no one for me! You may have girlfriend(s) and it’s your personal life.”

 Mohan: “In that case, can we have a fresh start”

 Jiya: (Confused) “What you want”

 Mohan: “Some time with you, can you meet me this evening”

 Jiya: “When, where and why?”

 Mohan: “Evening 5,  Cafe!, for a cup of coffee”

 Jiya: (With a smile) “Okay”

 Mohan: “Do we have a date then?”

 Jiya: “Let’s meet at 7, evening. And it’s a meeting. Not a date!”

 Mohan: “It’s a meeting then”

Chapter 2: Confused

Jiya present day, Jiya receives a message from
Mohan for coffee. They goes for a coffee meeting in evening. Jiya started
enjoying company of Mohan. Jiya started considering Mohan as a friend and so
was Mohan. Meanwhile there was a special friendship between them, somehow Jiya
started liking Mohan slightly more than a friend. Jiya is a strong girl never
shares her feelings to any one but his loving brother Jai.


Jiya make a call to Jai, and start asking him
about his office and life. Jiya for the very first time hesitates a little, she
wants to talk about Mohan, but couldn’t start the talk. Jai knows his loving
sister and gets the point, there is something Jiya wants to share.


Jai: “hey, tell me?”

Jiya: “what?”

Jai: “what’s the name of the boy?”

Jiya: “well, There is a boy but I don’t know”

Jia: “woohoo, I guessed it right”

Jiya: “but I am confused”

Jia: “I trust you, you will take a correct
decision. Take some time and spend some time with him”

Jiya: “You are right”

Jai: what’s his name

Jiya: Mohan

Jai: Name is cool, I am with you Jiya don’t
you worry and I will catch you soon.

Jiya: Thanks Jai take care.


Mohan and Jiya continue spending time
together, like occasional long rides, weekends in pubs or maybe have some
drinks. Meanwhile Mohan also shows Jiya yet
another flat which Mohan owns, where he arrange occasional parties. Now
this flat of Mohan becomes a usual meeting point for Mohan and Jiya. Jiya also
observed that Mohan is a good person and supports his family financially and in
fact supports his relatives financially if they are in need. Now as the time
flys, Jiya get to know few more things about Mohan, Jiya observes that parents
of Mohan are not rich, the job of Mohan is not highly paid, still Mohan has a
lavish Lifestyle, a separate flat and a car and again he is never short of


Jiya directly ask Mohan about his income
sources but Mohan never give her a proper answer about it, Jiya always has this
concern about Mohan that how he is able to handle all of his financial needs,
is he doing something illegal to get good money and his pocket. Meanwhile Jiya
discuss this issue with her brother Jai.


Jai suggest Jiya that the situation seems to
be suspicious but he is pretty sure that Mohan is a good person and maybe he
has some other small scale businesses which is helping him financially,
nevertheless if you find anything suspicious unauthentic about Mohan, you
simply move on.


Now it’s a difficult decision for jiya, to
move. But whenever she ask Mohan about his income sources Mohan doesn’t give a
proper answer. Jiya takes suggestion of her brother seriously and starts
avoiding Mohon.


Now Jiya never felt so vulnerable before, her
heart loves Mohan, she keep on thinking about Mohan but patent to be firm and
unaffected from the newly created space between her and Mohan.

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