Local inner class

  • Eclipse: Oxygen
  • Java: 1.8

Working with the local inner class which is defined or structured inside the outer class is shown here. Here the example of door and lock is shown as a real-life example.

In Java, we can write a class within a method it is called a local inner type. Like local variables, the scope of the inner class is restricted inside the method. If you want to invoke the methods of a local inner class, you must instantiate this class inside the method.

The advantage of such a case is the inner class is completely hidden from the outside world.

The syntax for writing an inner class is shown below.

Here, the class Door is the outer class and the class Lock is the local inner class. We access the class through a method.

If the user enters the correct key and executes the following program, then the output would be false; otherwise, the user will get the output.



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